Inception – The Problems of Reality.

Inception – The Problems of Reality

I’m going to do my first blog differently to many people and start with a question that I’ve been pondering for… well… 24 hours now.
What does this mean exactly?
The dictionary definition: The beginning of a sequence of events.
But can we really define our lives through dictionary definitions? Not quite. Every individual has a name that identifies them; if we take away our name then we are left without our identity. Some people only exist as numbers in the world, without names. I feel sorry for these people because they haven’t really began their lives, so to speak.
Imagine yourself as a number. It doesn’t matter what number it is, but you are a number. Take your birth date for example – my number would be 17. Now, this number will be occupied by so many in the world, so take the next number you birth month – mine is 1. Leaving me with 171. Finally take the year, which would translate to 1711990. That number is not just my number though, it will be the numbers of many other countless people worldwide.
This brings me back to the question… How do we begin to live our lives as a number, if our identity is the same as so many others. How do we, in fact, create the first inception within our lives?
How do we live our lives not as a number, but as a person identified by our name?
This is the problem. Our names in this day and age, still do not represent or identify us as ‘ourselves’.
Type your name into Facebook, Twitter, even Google. How many different people have your name?
No doubt an infinite number.
So, another question that poses a dilemma… how do we define ourselves as one being?
It is not in your loves and hates, nor in the type of television shows you watch or the books you read.
It is in your nature and in your mind. What one other person in the world knows your mind? Maybe your partner, your best friend, your mother?
No. Not one person knows your mind as well as you.
But sometimes, even our minds can become lost in the hazy patterning pictures of dreams.
One more question: What is our reality?
We choose to lead our lives as we wish, no? We choose our own path… or does our subconcious choose it for us?
Are we the subject to our dreams in an alternate reality?
You work it out.

One is always thinking of dreaming and dreaming of thinking.
Inception, dir. Christopher Nolan – Is a must-see… or a must-think.

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  1. Wow… I haven’t seen Inception, but now I would like to. That post really made me think, thanks for that.

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