UK Film Council – Yay or Nay?

The UK Film Council is planning to be abolished?!
And the reason: COST CUTTING

Aren’t we meant to be getting out of the recession? I am beginning to believe that these so called ‘cost-cuts’ are a way to destroy our creative exuberance. What’s next, the Hollywood Heist? Are they going to rob us of American home-grown films, shorts and shows too – or is Britain just getting the short straw?

The UK Film Council has done a phenomenal amount of work producing some of the best talent in Britain, which includes Ridley Scott amongst them. As an aspiring film journalist, I do not wish to see Britain’s creative flow cut off when its most needed. Yes, the recession has given our hearts some ache, but to take away our passion for filming, producing and editing – you’re having a laugh right?

Thousands of people are employed by the UK Film Council, but it’s not just their jobs that will be cut, but many more hopefuls around the UK waiting for that break in life.
Maybe YouTube should start their own filming empire… at least it would be serving the government in that it doesn’t cost much to maintain the site!

One of the most accredited film directors/producers, Ridley Scott has just asked many YouTubers to film their version of ‘Life In A Day’, and I’m sure this is supported by the council, yes?
It is an incredible opportunity for millions of film-makers to get their work out there and be seen for their extraordinary talent. I even submitted a video! For the laughs, I was creating a scrapbook (it may look terrible now…but you watch this space!)

The UK Film Council was founded in 2000. That’s just ten years. And what really is a decade on the rather large and grand scale of time? Zilch, I tell you.

A user on Facebook has compiled a group and a petition to stop this happening. Now it’s not guaranteed to actually stop it from happening, but a petition is nothing without some signatures right? I contributed to save our future films filled with an abundance of creativity and delicacy, why don’t you?

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  1. I was going to write about this as I think it’s a travesty, but you’ve done a much better job than I could’ve done. I may change my mind over the weekend and touch on it, but put a link to your take on it. In the meantime, I’ll be finding that Facebook page and joining the group for sure.

    • It is a travesty indeed. I’m hoping the government will change their mind in due time. But you know what the government are like…
      You should write your take on it – if more people do this, I hope that it will get the public opinion out there. It will teach the government that the public matter, and that we should have a say in this.
      Thanks for commenting, and definitely join the group.

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