Fans still go “Goo-Goo-Gaga” with Bieber Fever

Sneak-peak of my article on Bieber for Label Music… It isn’t too offensive is it? Comments from beliebers and non-beliebers welcome!

He has just kicked off his UK tour, he sports almost 7.9 million followers on his twitter account, and at this moment (and counting) has had 301,123,126 upload views on With ‘Biebs’ birthday only a few days ago, ‘Never Say Never’ concert film raking in the money, plus only a slight hiccup in his oh-so-innocent image with the paparazzi, it’s no wonder Justin seems to be skipping with joy with his Vanessa Hudgens look-a-like girlfriend, Selena Gomez. However, many of Biebs’ fans (or ‘beliebers’ for short) aren’t entirely happy with his new girlfriend. Gomez was allegedly slapped by a ‘belieber’ on a date for Justin’s 17th Birthday, and had been photographed hiding her face in the car afterwards, but in reality she was just trying to cover up a cold-sore – who wouldn’t?!

Child stars are notorious for taking a ride on the crazy coaster; Britney Spears, Macaulay Culkin and Lindsay Lohan are but a few who have crashed and burned on their way to the clinic. Evidently, Justin Beiber’s cutie-pie-image will soon be leaking out of his tippy cup, and into our own portfolio of ‘Celebrity Rehab’.

After his run in with the press and an abrupt middle finger gesture, Bieber tweeted saying that ‘it’s not always easy but I know better than to react in anger.’
But that wasn’t the case on the CSI set, was it Justin? Always the prankster, ‘Mr Bieber Diva’ locked a crewmember in the closet, whilst allegedly shouting at his mother for some absurd and self-absorbed reason – probably his hair.

Though it’s not just his fans that have something to say about him, the ‘non-beliebers’ laughed themselves silly when Justin was shot and killed in a CSI episode. His remains (it’s okay belieber’s, it’s just a healthy dose of sarcasm) – that is to say a lock of his hair – has been sold on Ebay for a whopping 25K to help an animal charity. I wonder if that came with a frame?

Justin Bieber has dominated pop culture, but what’s next on his horizons? Will he take a leaf out of Brit’s book and shave all his hair off next time? Or will he find satisfaction partying it hard in the toilets with the white stuff like Macaulay and Li-Lo? One thing’s for sure, he’s not an eenie-meenie-myny-mo baby anymore.



NB. Pictures Above: 1. Bieber becomes yo-ho Pirate in bid to takeover the world. 2. Bieber is hardcore.
(I did not defile these pictures myself, but they are the handy work of some housemates of mine…)

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