BBC Bans Torchwood’s Bare Bum Sex Scene

The show has gone from strength to strength over the past five years since its initial launch in 2006, and now has broadened its horizons into the land of Oz, or should I say, America.

A show that has broadcasted various sex scenes to British audiences, the BBC have finally put an end to a rather racy love affair involving Captain Jack Harkness and a barman. By all accounts, a source from the BBC has been quoted saying,

‘It wasn’t that it was a gay scene that worried people, but just the fact that it was such an explicit sex scene full stop. You can get away with scenes like that on American cable channels, but you can’t on primetime BBC One.’ 

Ianto and Jack in an Embrace

The nude scene has been reported has showing John Barrowman’s bare bum (now that I wouldn’t mind seeing!) however the BBC has claimed that some members of Torchwood’s regular viewing audience may find it disturbing. However, US audiences will be able to see such scene on their cable channel. Obviously the BBC have not thought this through. Someone, somewhere and somehow will broadcast this on the internet from America.

For a show that is aimed directly at adult audiences why has the BBC banned this?

‘It wasn’t that it was a gay scene that worried people’…

No it doesn’t worry Torchwood fans, nor does it worry the general population, but it seems to worry the BBC. Why mention the fact that it is a gay scene if it does not affect you? The BBC axed the scene because they were worried on receiving complaints about such a sordid scene, but what they should be worried about is the backlash from the statement above.

If this was a sex scene involving a heterosexual couple, would there be any reason to axe such a scene after the watershed?
I think not. (On seeing the full episode, they did in fact axe a sex scene with Rex and his female friend from the BBC. Was this due to backlash?)
So what if it’s a graphic sex scene? If the BBC are worried about viewers watching this, then do what other channels have done before and screen the episode at a later time.

Since the BBC have made such a ‘hoo-hah’ over the scene, they have elevated curiosity. Viewers will find other means of watching it; it’s a free country, and we have freedom of rights.


I just managed to see the ‘naughty’ sex scene by finding it through this available link.
Skip to 29 minutes, if you want to see it.

On reflection of seeing this sex scene, I don’t think I saw anything remotely ‘explicit’ between the two men, and quite frankly I’ve seen racier sex between Jake Gyllenhall and the late Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain.

What do you think, are the BBC prudish and close-minded in our current climate?

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  1. Football Blog Scotland

    Wow, that’s pretty bad really, it’s post-watershed so it shouldn’t matter, shame that BBC are fine with aliens abducting and using children as drugs (like the last mini-series) but a bare bum… outrageous 😀

    • So true!
      I remember my Mum watching Children of the Earth and saying ‘That’s just wrong that they are making children say such things’.
      On reflection of this post, it may have something to do with Barrowman presenting ‘Tonight’s the Night’ on BBC Saturday evenings.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

    • Also, checking out your blog – I have absolutely no clue on football so I apologise that I can’t return any insightful comments! If it’s any consolation, it looks good!


    If BBC One is known for one thing, it’s not a controversial tv channel, though by not airing it, it’s become controversial in it self.

    I thought it might have been the fact it was a gay scene and a lot of people may have been uncomfortable with it. Doesn’t bother me, I don’t watch Torchwood.

    • The BBC have always primed themselves on ‘good home viewing’, but their age old traditions are just boring and they need to update up their old RAMS to understand the growth of homosexuality.
      On another point, you should watch Torchwood, they only have a, ‘unaired’ gay scene every other week…
      Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for giving me a good rating in the forums!

  3. for gods sake. its only a bum!!!

  4. There are plenty of people who get off on watching sex scenes, hetro, homo, or otherwise – with bums too! As long as it’s integral to the plot, blah, blah, blah…

    It’s after the watershed; we’ve paid our licence fee; we have the right to see this. Time to trawl YouTube…

    • If wordpress had the ability to like this comment, there would be a little flashed up against this. 🙂
      If I do find the scene, I’ll be sure to pop it into this post just to annoy the BBC. =D

  5. Good old BBC – fitting the persona that the British are upright and prudish!

  6. Thanks for the link having watched it the scene now makes more sense as the BBC cut seemed very gratuitous whilst the full scene is an interesting juxatopose of gay and straight sex and our differing reactions. I do question however the positions adopted by the two lads not a viable gay sex position as far as I can see 😉

    • Yes I must admit, I really liked the juxtapositioning of the sex scenes as well. Yeah all that was seen was some hefty ‘heavy petting’ in profile, which is disappointing for Torchwood – considering what the producers and actors are capable of showing.
      Thanks for stopping by, and no probs on the link. 🙂

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