Superman Without His Pants!

Snyder just got it all wrong. Again.

I’m about to give up hope; may as well just run myself off the edge of a cliff, because I know my hero won’t be there clad in all his glory to save me.

So what’s the dealio Snyder, Cavill? Costume designer gone on their vacation, to the land of no return? Took off with Supes underpants, in a hurry to take over the world!? I knew you were an evil man Lex, but stooping to that level…

In case you haven’t got the foggiest idea what I’m speaking of, here’s a clue: the latest on-set pictures to be released of the new Superman film has Henry Cavill with the iconic red underwear gone, and in its place, lo and behold, Cavill’s crotch.

Gone Commando Cavill?


Wouldn’t want to get your daughter saved by Cal-El whilst she’s leaning against his package would you?

So I’m all for seeing a bit of the bulge on Henry Cavill, but seeing it on Superman? Not so keen. This is a comic book hero for kids, not an up-street, flying high gigolo. Interestingly enough, if you’re geeky about Superman (like me) you’ll know that in the original Richard Donner version, the costume designers were finding it tricky to ‘flatten out’ Christopher Reeve’s privates. They weren’t sure whether to make things bigger or smaller, eventually they just bulked up the underwear a bit.

However, to add to the confusion of all things Kryptonian, Snyder has released photos with Cavill still wearing the red underpants. Clearly they haven’t decided whether to abandon them just yet.

The yellow belt also seems to have disappeared and replaced, by what appears to be, a yellow button. So what does that do Snyder? Wonder if it opens up Cavill’s secret compartment…

Well ladies and homosexual men, it seems that pushing Superman’s buttons does get you somewhere.  For heterosexual men, I’d certainly not push that button – you might just get wet.

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  1. I could understand updating Batman’s look because it made sense within the context of the character. The Dark Knight evolved from a black, blue, and yellow suit to one of gray, black, and yellow and then to all black. For better concealment at night. But this makes no sense.The underware was superfluous and losing it doesn’t really bother me but Cavill’s ‘package’ should have been concealed a bit more. I mean, I know he was messing around with Lois Lane and, before her Lana Lang. But do I need it stuffed in my face. So to speak?

    • I think the producers are ultimately trying to make Superman as sexy as Batman with a little bit more meat on him. Which is good for the image of the film, but for the image of the iconic Superman? I don’t think so. Agree with your comments there. Thanks for stopping by. =)

  2. The colour in this photo is 100% better than the one from the film. It just looks like they got lazy down there. I mean the red underpants are iconic. Now there’s it’s nothing but a one-piece suit that looks like spandex down there. They could’ve given it some red and yellow. Even black would be better than nothing.

    This picture here with the red colouring around looks much better. By removing all colour it actually draws more attention to the “budgies” then away because there’s nothing else to look at lol.

    FAIL Synder, FAIL

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