Barrowman’s Bonks in Torchwood Touch Viewers’ Nerves

On a recent article in Metro, John Barrowman has responded to some viewers’ negative criticism on the current gay sex scenes in Torchwood’s new series, Miracle Day.

Jack and Angelo: Whisperings of Sexual Intimacy

Speaking of the received criticism, John said:

‘When you watch Torchwood there is a warning at the very beginning that some scenes may offend or disturb people. So if you allow your children to sit and watch it with you that’s your responsibility, not ours any more.’ – John Barrowman

Of course, Barrowman is utterly correct. The warning given at the beginning of each programme is concise and easy to understand, so unless you are severely lacking in common sense or you are four years old then it’s not exactly difficult. But hang on a second, Torchwood is shown after the watershed, at the sensible time of 9pm – can I be so bold to ask as to why your children are even awake at this time, or are even watching stimulating television instead of being read to in their beds?

Sharing the Love

The average 11-year-old has already had sex education – probably even had sex, if you’re looking at today’s current climate, and may even be experiencing feelings towards both sexes. Trust me, they know about the gays.

The average 8-year-old should have already gone to bed at this time; I was in bed by half past 7!

The problem here doesn’t concern the children, it revolves around the parents embarrassment, as John says:

‘They were just embarrassed because it put them in a position where they had to explain things to their kids or their family which probably should have been explained a long time ago.’ 

The most frustrating thing is that viewers didn’t complain about the concept of the show: man-made people burning ovens, torture and so on. Yeah, you definitely got your priorities right there didn’t you?

No wonder violence and crime rates are so high.

Hanging On by a Thread

Now I consider myself as ‘desensitized’ to violence in films and television shows, but what was shown in Torchwood horrified me, simply because it felt so realistic. It stuns me to think that with such an open-minded culture and society, we still cannot get past the homosexual scenes on television.

Let me throw a spanner into the works – would you be so traumatized and angry if two women were on the screen having a bit of rumpy-bumpy? Can I remind you of the earlier Torchwood series with Tosh and her midnight rumblings with women? Or are you just annoyed because it’s John Barrowman, a family television presenter?

Being gay isn’t a disability, so stop being embarrassed by homosexuality; your kids aren’t.

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  1. ok, this is the first I’ve heard of this show. Is there anywhere online I can watch?

    • Sure, just type in ‘Watch Torchwood Miracle Day online’ and you’ll find a bunch of links. If you want to watch the earlier seasons you should type in series 1/2 etc, but if it’s Miracle Day I have a link on other post on Torchwood here. That links you to megavideo, but you will find other versions if you do a google search.
      I would definitely recommend the earlier series if you want pure sci-fi/sex/crazy and weird stuff, personally they are the best Torchwood episodes.

      Thanks for stopping by. =)

  2. This series has managed to pass me by, but clearly hasn’t been missed by the ‘moral majority.’ Some of the female half of the outraged may be jealous ‘cos they sadly recognise they’re as likely to get some from John Barrowman as seeing a Penguin on the moon.

    As you say, it was shown after the watershed of 9pm and children should’ve been in bed by 8 at the latest. The BBC played its part: how about the parents doing the same?

    • Penguin on the moon? Awww and I thought you could go see them when you went to space. *sad face* hehe. 🙂

      Yes, this has really annoyed me. I mean I really don’t get why parents and/or grandparents (some who don’t necessarily agree with Gay Rights) are making such a big deal out of this. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s not that difficult to find something informative and interesting on BBC Four to keep you entertained.

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  4. Remember when the movie “Hostel” came out? People were in there with kids. I couldn’t believe it! It’s not like they weren’t forewarned either…

    • Completely! Wow that feels like so long ago now…
      I just think you’ve got to be the most idiotic parents to let your children watch something that you know you will have to explain later. It’s bad enough having to watch a sex scene with your parents when you’re an adult!

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