Review: The Lucky One (2012)

The Lucky One (12A)
Starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling

2/5 Stars

A mind-numbing experience as cliché and as convoluted as the two times table – The Lucky One panders to all your ‘chick flick’ expectations, but in true clichéd form, it’s as flat as a pancake.

Mr Heart-Throb himself looks rugged and gorgeous but just doesn’t quite make the cut…
Image Courtesy of Screen Crush

From the director that brought you such heart-warming and poignant classics such as Shine and Snow Falling on Cedars, Scott Hicks presents Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the stereotypical love story, full of woe and tales of war. Though the book may be endearing to many, it is certainly not an adaptation worthy of sitting on a shelf next to Sparks’ The Notebook – hailed by women as the ultimate chick flick.

Logan Thibault (Efron) plays a marine officer fighting in Iraq when he discovers something in the sand glinting in the harsh sunlight and, as he walks over in blind curiosity to pick it up, a bomb is detonated where he was standing minutes before. A photograph of a woman was found in his pocket, with the words ‘Keep Safe’ written on the back. Logan believes he was saved by an angel as he walked through the fires of hell and sets out on a mission to find the woman who saved his life.

Although Logan shares his surname with the famed warrior of Shakespeare’s heart-wrenching love story – albeit with a different spelling – he is a shadow of Tybalt’s glory with his character suffering from a poorly written script and a stale, monotonous performance from Efron.

zac efron

I’m so manly and gorgeous I can even make Andrex puppies envious.
Image Courtesy of Fan Pop

Beth Green, Logan’s guardian angel, also suffers under the same fate with an over-the-top performance played by newcomer Taylor Schilling. She often portrays Beth as a simple-minded mother brow-beaten by her former husband and it’s not until the end when we find a flash of courage within her. Sadly her moment to rise from the ashes of a caged life is crushed when she runs to Logan in her hour of need, flailing in panic and slipping weakly into his arms.

Of course, in all chick flicks there is a scene which raises the pulse and flutters the heartbeat, but Efron and Schilling’s chemistry is just as weak as the film’s script.

The only reason why The Lucky One is a worthwhile watch is for the almost-naked Zac Efron and, if the rugged looks don’t do it for you, give it a hearty miss.

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