You were always there for me.
A virtual avatar;
Watching from afar.
I never knew this day would come.
When I’d be left with tears that run.

How did we get here?
A silent place;
No longer face to face.
I never knew this day would come.
Where I’d wake up without the warm sun.

Where are you now?
A new life;
Taken with force by a would-be wife.
I never knew this day would come.
Scared to message having turned to the rum.

Won’t you come back to me?
It’s been over a year;
Even more I fear.
I never knew this day would come.
When my heart would break as if it was all just for fun.

An avatar.
No longer living;
Far from dying.
Waving to me from a screen, not that far.

Written for a good friend who I’ve fallen out of touch with. One day, I hope they’ll come back. For now, I just want them to know I’m thinking about them, that they’ll always be in my heart, and I’m fiercely proud of them. They are still a part of my pack – never left behind.

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  1. Wow, that was beautiful, Colette. Too bad it had to be about something this sad ;_; Don’t know the the details, but things usually turns out for the better 🙂 Just give it some time. Friendship isn’t about how often you speak to one another, but that you can pick up where you left from last time. It’ll be alright.

    • But I hope you’re okey.

      • Aww, thank you so much Kristian. :3 I’m okay thank you. Was just doing my usual; thinking, thinking about writing, then eventually writing. It felt like the right time, you know?
        The good thing is the friend is doing okay. 🙂 Even though I worry for them, I still check in every now and again to see if they are still playing games. And they are! I just believe they are in a tough place, and perhaps their hand was forced. I’ll be here for whenever they are ready to come back.
        Anyway, how are things with you?! Health doing okay? Is life treating you well?

      • Sorry for the late respond. Have been pretty preoccupied.
        The situation sounds pretty complicated, but I don’t have a doubt in mind that your friend want to see you again 🙂 You’re such a lovely person!

        My back is on the right track, and it’s getting better every month. Thanks for asking! My father passed away this spring so it’s been rough for me and my brothers, but we’re okay. Sad to see the old man go, but he wasn’t really living at the end; so it’s good that he didn’t had to suffer more.

        On a sunnier note; it’s sommer vacation here now, so got time to play some games and relax a bit. And you? Will you have some time off this summer? How’s your treatment going? Or are the dogs taking all your shots?

      • Your response definitely wasn’t delayed! Mine is haha.

        Oh that’s great about your health, but so sad about your Dad. 😦 That must be so hard, especially if he was suffering too. Were you close with him? I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a parent. *hugs* I’m here for you if you ever need to talk.

        Summer is here! I wish I had more time to play games. I mean, technically speaking this year has been pretty light on games, so I’ve been playing a lot of Okami and Spyro in my free time. But generally I’ve been spending my free time going places and hanging out with friends and family.

        I was in Italy in May and I’ll be heading to Prague in September so I’m looking forward to that. Oh! I meant to say that I’ve been looking at going on a ‘Northern Lights’ cruise, visiting areas of Norway like Tromso, Narvik, Stavanger etc. Would you recommend seeing Norway by boat? I’m a little sceptical because I’m a land lover, but I’ve wanted to go for years. Are you getting away / on holiday at any point?

        Ah, I’ve just had my B12 injection. Just Monday gone. Feeling a bit better. I have my really bad weeks mixed in with my really good ones. I know when I was on holiday I wasn’t ill at all! But yes, I’m still on three monthly ones. 😦 Better than nothing at all though!

      • Argh! I was almost done writing and then WordPress had to crash… Whyyy!!?

        Yeah, it was pretty hard losing my Dad. I thought to myself that losing my Mom was going to be as hard as it would get; and then it became an unlimited amount worse losing him. We were close and he was a great Dad. I’m much better now, but I won’t lie; sometimes I do miss him quite much. Thanks C. Appreciated.

        Friends and family first so that’s good. Okami and the Spyro games are all great games though. I hope you’ll get more time to play eventually (or more free time generally). Will there be some Fire Emblem soon? :3

        Was Italy nice? I liked Prague. A quite atmospheric city. I would definitely recommend travling Norway by land. The boat is okey, but there will more or less just be coastlines, and that will eventually grow somewhat boring over time. Norway is such a beautiful place, and you’ll need travel by land to experience all of it. 🙂 The fjords is incredible, but we got so much more!

        I’m from Tromsø (as you know) so I can recommend it as a good spot for Northern Lights. The place is quite lovley in winter times as well. Cold though. xP

        I’ll be spending my vacation at home this year. Promised Dad before he passed away that I would keep an eye out for my twin little brothers (15 years old), so I’ll have them at my place for 2 weeks and then we’ll have a mountain trip a weekend soon. We’re feeding the Fire Emblem Three Houses hype with older FE titles at the moment. xP

        Good to hear the shots help somewhat. To bad you’re not getting an adequate amount :/ Uff, it’s always something isn’t it? I sincerely hope that you don’t have to struggle too much between those shots…

      • Oh goodness. I just want to give you hugs! It sounds like you’ve had such a tough time and having to keep strong and be responsible for your younger brothers must be hard too. It takes a remarkable person to just keep going amidst such hardship. And the holiday with your twin brothers sounds great. Sounds like you’ll all be helping heal each other during that time.

        Fire Emblem will certainly help with that too! Ah, the classics are great for sure. I am definitely looking forward to Three Houses, but Alba’s leading the review on it this time. I’m hopefully going to get the special edition (I’ve not managed to buy a special edition of a game in a LONG time). Not that I’m complaining at all, but it’s nice to treat myself and play through it in my own time rather than have to buckle down for 50-80 hours to get through it within a week. I hate not being able to play a game through to completion, that’s why I went back and updated my XCX review after 80 hours of play to really give it my all.

        Italy was amazing. It was my first time visiting, though, as we were based in Lake Garda, it was very easy to get to Verona and Venice. So we did a couple of wineries, gondola ride, historical culture, beautiful vineyards, lakeside walks, Mount Baldo in Malcesnie. It was just so lush and the food was incredible. I’ve been craving Italian spaghetti for weeks now!

        I’m certainly looking forward to Prague and visiting the Old Town, the castle, and tasting the food etc. I’m so big on culture, so I love to see and do things that are well beyond the tourist areas and off the beaten track. I’d love to do that in Norway as well, so I think we’d go in the Winter instead. I will visit one day!

        Ah, I get by. 🙂 It always helps having such a great family / friend network. Some of the darkest days can be overcome when I see my best friends, my God children etc. I only hope that you are as blessed as I am when it comes to support. *hugs*

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