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Topic of Debate: University vs Real Life Jobs

Students vs The Rest of the World:

It seems there has been an ever-increasing dislike for students who complain that they are ‘tired’ and ‘overworked’ by their University study work. It appears that non-students who work a 9am – 5pm job, evening work, or some that are doing two jobs find students frustrating, somewhat egotistical and quite frankly ‘cop-outs’.

I must agree that working all those hours in a regular job will be tiring as well as monotonous, but how can a regular worker believe it’s harder than studying for a degree, masters or PHD?


Study sesh, anyone?

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An End of an Era

Many of you who know me, know that I am an emotional, often crazy and whimsical, and a Freudian dream kind-of-not-really expert. This blog entry will not be about the current media climate, but something about the life of University and the way of procrastination.

Dress Up to Mess Up

University is a life like no other. You enter as a fresh-faced, newly of age 18 year-old, embracing the life of drunken antics, the other sex and the life of cruel 9am lecture slots. If you haven’t experienced University life, you will not know how terribly cruel 9am lectures really are… and of course students rely heavily on the mid-afternoon nap to recover from a messy night before. Naps, alcohol, crude drawings and really bad phone calls to an ex tend to rule the life of a student. Often stumbling into a lecture hall of 100+ students becomes the norm, and of course, you do not regret it.

The second year of university becomes a little less radical, and you lean a little more on your studies rather than the bottle of vodka on the kitchen table.  The step between being a fresher and a middling becomes real. You attend less social events and more library dates as you fight the ongoing battle between a deadline and the ‘event of the century’ – this is what is deemed as every night at the union, apparently. Being a middling isn’t so bad though, it kind of is the interrum between Year 9 SATs (that are no more) and the Year11 GCSE’s.

Finalist year is when the ‘shit hits the fan’ so to speak. It gets tough, particularly in the final semester of your studies, where the library or your room becomes your study shrine, melting into the bland walls and pinewood desks, hating every minute of your crappy life. Yes, the student life often requires endless sleepless nights – or at the very least for a full month. These are the top ten things a student does every day of ‘constant studying’:

Act like a Penguin 'cos we're cool Finalists

1. Waking up.
2. Thinking about revision or essay/report writing.
3. Getting breakfast.
4. Thinking about revision or essay/report writing.
5. Watching TV.
6. Thinking about work.
7. Facebooking, Twittering. WordPressing…
8. Writing a to-do list.
9. Procrastinating – doing anything that requires your attention for at least an hour so you don’t have to do any work. (Make tea, do the washing, eat something…)
10. Actually sitting down to work for ten minutes, to then start this whole process again because you’ve decided to nap.

Yes. The life of a student is a difficult one, and in the blink of an eye it is all over. The end of an era, the final chapter of the university handbook, but the beginning of your life as a fully qualified expert in one field.

At least until you do your Masters…

Because You're Worth It.