Digital Portfolio

As a freelance writer, I’ve published a number of articles over the years. For an indication of what I deem is my best work, please feel free to click on the various links below.

News Articles

Nintendo Reports A Profit In Q2 Earnings As Wii U Shows Momentum [Corporate, Finance, Gaming]

Capcom UK Pulls Resident Evil Revelations Event After Cruel Woolwich Attack [Gaming, News]

The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Embarks On New Worldwide “Master Quest” Tour In 2015 [Gaming, News]


Dementia Lead Feature [Health]

Tom Hanks: 10 Movie Moments That Prove His Greatness [Film]

Five Entirely Amusing and Wacky Things You Can Do In Tomodachi Life [Gaming]

10 Super Mario Facts You Probably Never Knew [Gaming]

Game Reviews

Bayonetta 2 [Wii U]

Disney Magical World [3DS]

Fantasy Life [3DS]

Mario Party: Island Tour [3DS]

Sonic Lost World [Wii U]

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