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Superman’s 75th Birthday!

superman_75Since you all know I’m a ma-hus-sive Superman fan, I just couldn’t ignore this absolutely wonderful homage to Superman’s 75th Birthday in pictures. I tell you, what I wouldn’t do to get my hands on that very first “Action Comics” comic that introduced us to the red-blue blur of today. I suppose we could ignore the fact that the last one sold for a whopping 2.1 million – I doubt I’ll ever make that much money in my life-time (I hear writing is a fickle business *wink, wink*).

I think my favourite image from the abundance Hero Complex via LA Times has provided has got to be the final shirt-ripping ‘da-da-dada’ pose. It’s the one Superman is most famous for – I mean, come on, any man who rips off his shirt and exposes a primary-coloured, tight-fitting, muscle-bulging costume underneath has GOT to be wonderful. And while searching for more Superman poses, this fantastic blend of old and new cropped into my peripheral vision – via

All in all, Superman looks very good for his age. Maybe he’s had a little bit of botox and a touch-up on photoshop, but he’s still the iconic hero I know and love.

– Man of Steel swoops into cinemas on June 14 – only a couple of months away! 

Review: The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

The Cabin in the Woods (15)
Starring Kristen Connelly and Chris Hemsworth

3.5/5 Stars

Strap yourself in kids; you’re in for a real treat with this postmodern horror. Hailed as the next instalment to Wes Craven’s Scream and from the writer of the ass-kicking and stake-stabbing Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the  gritty and tense Cloverfield, Drew Goddard’s The Cabin in the Woods is a film with no limitations and strikes the perfect balance between the stereotypical and the surreal.

This looks familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it...
Image courtesy of Forbes

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Review: The Woman in Black (2012)

The Woman in Black (12A)
Starring Daniel Radcliffe

4/5 Stars

Good evening and welcome to Eel Marsh House, where everything is black, covered in cobwebs and small china dolls or monkeys play instruments.

In other words, welcome to shit-your-pants-ville.

Blue blue blue eyes Mr Radcliffe.
Image courtesy of

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Old Horror Movies: Psycho

Returning to my series of blog posts on ‘Old Horror Movies’, I shall take you into the psychotic world of Norman Bates. It’s not a pretty one, plus he has an avid fascination with stuffed animals and birds. Let’s just say, he likes to get his hands dirty.

Hello my pretty…

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Culture In Three Words: Eat Pray Love

My holiday was a little shortlived; I had five days in fact before something came up back home. Guess it was fate that I had to be back home though, because a lot of stuff has came up that I had not been anticipating nor expecting.

Sunday the 26th, I managed to coerce my parents in taking me to the recent Julia Roberts film Eat Pray Love; lucky for me (free ticket), not so lucky for my Dad though; he wasn’t impressed he was dragged to a ‘chick flick’…
Aside from the glaringly obvious fact that men DO NOT, under any circumstances, like ‘chick flicks’ – unless of course they are hoping to bed the woman afterwards, and want to ‘sweeten the deal’. Though, let’s be fair, our sugar coated lipglossed mouths aren’t exactly kissable after we swallow hoardes of our own salty tears, yet the men still think we look attractive with panda eyes as we rush to the little girls room afterwards. This isn’t to say that all men do not like ‘chick flicks’ because I’m sure there are many who do, unfortunately my Dad isn’t in this category; he rolls his eyes at P.S I Love You and on commenting on Eat Pray Love he grumbled something along the lines of, ‘it was alright.’ In other words: I got dragged to a film primarily for women, what do you expect me to say?!

Granted, this film’s target audience is women. I’ve seen many ‘chick flicks’ and to be fair I wouldn’t label this film as that genre. Eat Pray Love is a woman’s journey for self-discovery. She doesn’t travel because she wishes to find love, and she certainly doesn’t travel to find sexual discovery. She travels for herself. Is this a concept so foreign to us all now? Like many women, Julia Roberts’ character, Liz, is busy, ambitious, clever and well-driven. She has problems, like we all do, but she chooses to kick her miserable self-loathing character into a care-free woman with a good dose of the travel bug.  She visits three countries; Italy, India and Bali – each one of them gives us an entirely new perspective of her character, as she goes through the ups and downs of independant life on the move.

It wasn’t just the character of Liz that I admired, but the culture of each of the countries and their people. In general, I find culture astonishing and this film captures the beauty, the heartbreak, and the startling reality of the places and the people. We learn as Liz learns, we share in her intimate friendships and her private meditative states. We are there with her; we are on the path to self-discovery with her.

Liz embodies all women in our own society and culture; she is where we wish to be and what we want to be. Liz defines our hearts desires, the difference is she put them into action. Afterall, how do we know who we truly are if our lives are too busy to just stop and think?

The key to self-discovery is just around the corner, we just don’t know it yet.

UK Film Council – Yay or Nay?

The UK Film Council is planning to be abolished?!
And the reason: COST CUTTING

Aren’t we meant to be getting out of the recession? I am beginning to believe that these so called ‘cost-cuts’ are a way to destroy our creative exuberance. What’s next, the Hollywood Heist? Are they going to rob us of American home-grown films, shorts and shows too – or is Britain just getting the short straw?

The UK Film Council has done a phenomenal amount of work producing some of the best talent in Britain, which includes Ridley Scott amongst them. As an aspiring film journalist, I do not wish to see Britain’s creative flow cut off when its most needed. Yes, the recession has given our hearts some ache, but to take away our passion for filming, producing and editing – you’re having a laugh right?

Thousands of people are employed by the UK Film Council, but it’s not just their jobs that will be cut, but many more hopefuls around the UK waiting for that break in life.
Maybe YouTube should start their own filming empire… at least it would be serving the government in that it doesn’t cost much to maintain the site!

One of the most accredited film directors/producers, Ridley Scott has just asked many YouTubers to film their version of ‘Life In A Day’, and I’m sure this is supported by the council, yes?
It is an incredible opportunity for millions of film-makers to get their work out there and be seen for their extraordinary talent. I even submitted a video! For the laughs, I was creating a scrapbook (it may look terrible now…but you watch this space!)

The UK Film Council was founded in 2000. That’s just ten years. And what really is a decade on the rather large and grand scale of time? Zilch, I tell you.

A user on Facebook has compiled a group and a petition to stop this happening. Now it’s not guaranteed to actually stop it from happening, but a petition is nothing without some signatures right? I contributed to save our future films filled with an abundance of creativity and delicacy, why don’t you?