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That Holiday Feeling

  Tomorrow I am departing my lovely home, for Manchester and Monday I am departing the UK for two blissful weeks to visit Turkey. My reaction: WWWOOOO!!!!!

Problem is, I’m sat here the night before and I’m officially well and truly bored. 100% bored. Have you ever had that holiday feeling when you’re so organised – to the point where you have nothing left to do, and are now fretting over the tiniest things – and really just want to get up and go. I am at this point right now, in fact I’ve probably surpassed it and I’m at the next stage where you do the ‘check list’.

‘Got your passport?’
‘Got your tickets?’
‘Got your hair straightners?’
Check Check.
And the list goes on.

However three years ago, my parents and I were flying out to Florida; we went through the ‘rigmarole’ and did our series of checks. Problem was we didn’t think of the most obvious thing we needed, and no, it wasn’t our passports.
Manchester Airport
What Dad?’
‘I don’t have my driving license…’

And voila… madness arrived. Those 2 to 3 hours you spend in the departure lounge went buy in a flash (no longer a drag, with screaming kids). We went from one end of the airport to the other. Manchester Airport is long, trust me – especially with luggage (for some reason it didn’t occur to us to check-in).
Up and down. Up and down. You get the idea.
Ended up most of our holiday was spent trying to get the license brought over from the UK. We should have just said ‘f**k it’ and enjoyed our holiday. Turned out a lot went wrong during that holiday.

So bringing myself back to the journey I’m jetting off on, I have this terrible foreboding feeling that something may happen. Manchester Airport has never been a good luck charm with my family, mind you I’m going with the girls this time! No doubt there will be much drama, drunkeness and dunks in the pool – after all, we are girls.

Another routine check you have, or just another worry:
Is my case too heavy?
You know it’s not going well when your case just won’t shut. Thankfully I didn’t have my ‘movie moment’; jumping on my case with all my weight and forcing it to close. Guys have probably never ever got this with girls, but seriously we NEED our hair products. We don’t just get frizz-free hair with the click of our fingers, and we don’t get perfectly bouncy girls or divine-goddess straight hair without styling. I think it’s ridiculous that my toiletries and hair products weigh more than my clothes and shoes put together. Maybe we should just have a separate case for our toiletries, or even better can we just have one super-miraculous hair product that cures all problems? And one super-miraculous device that can both shave and moisturise your skin at the same time? And don’t even get me started on the make-up! I wonder if we’ll get these products before robots start ushering our cases into the airport…

One question: Do you get pre-holiday jitters?